Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics at Brescia University College

If you’re interested in a career that can help people live longer and make the world a healthier place, you might consider clinical nutrition and dietetics. This health care field deals with metabolic changes that happen in acute and chronic diseases, including the nutrition needed to support recovery.

Dietitians are medical specialists who develop individualized diet plans and work in both inpatient and outpatient settings. Clinical dietitians specialize in several areas, such as pediatrics, diabetes, renal, and nutrition support. They also perform nutritional assessments and are recognized as members of interprofessional healthcare teams. Typically, clinical dietitians work in hospitals and clinics to provide nutrition care to patients.

There are many opportunities to find jobs in this field. Some of them include teaching, research, clinical trials, and intervention management. You can even pursue a PhD, if you want. In fact, the number of options is endless. Depending on your interests and skills, you can become a registered dietitian or choose to study online. A graduate degree in nutrition and dietetics is a rewarding and life-changing option.

Brescia University College’s Division of Food and Nutritional Sciences is a popular program that provides students with a strong foundation in nutrition. The curriculum is designed to engage students through interactive and engaging classes. Faculty are dedicated and are willing to assist students throughout their academic career. Moreover, the See This Helpful Information faculty will make it a point to involve students in volunteer projects in their community. Ultimately, this helps strengthen their resume for internship programs.

Students who want to pursue a career in clinical nutrition and dietetics should do their homework and choose a program that matches their interests. This field is growing and offers many diverse opportunities. To make the best choice, you should speak with your guidance counsellor.

One of the most attractive aspects of the LHSC Dietetic Practicum is that it allows for practice-based project placements in the current clinical environment. During the 40-week practicum, students will receive hands-on experience with a wide range of practice settings, including food service management, dietary analysis, and more. During this program, students will also be able to take courses in evidence-based medical nutrition therapy. Despite the variety of opportunities to grow professionally, it is important to remember that there is only a limited amount of placements in the long-term care environment.

After completing the program, you can go on to work in various fields. For example, you can teach in schools, conduct research in a specific area, or even oversee a nutrition intervention. Regardless of the field you choose, your knowledge will help you help others.

Brescia University College’s faculty are committed to providing students with a quality education. While the academic environment is stimulating and challenging, the faculty also foster a supportive learning environment. Whether you want to pursue a career in clinical nutrition or dietetics or are considering a different field, Brescia is a great fit for you.

During your career, you can help people live longer, improve the quality of their lives, and change their habits. Ultimately, the goal of the program is to teach you how to be a better nutritionist.

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