IPQS Email Validation API

The IPQS email validation API provides real time scoring and reputation analysis of email addresses. This tool can help improve the deliverability of emails and increase the value of your email lists.

IPQS is a US based company that offers advanced email address fraud prevention solutions. The company’s engineers monitor hundreds of millions of user events every day. They score these events and analyze them in real time to prevent high risk behavior and identify abusive users.

IPQS has proprietary methods for detecting and preventing abusers from launching fake accounts and spamming. Their solution has helped clients in the digital marketing, eCommerce, and B2B industries. They also have an extensive Email Reputation service that helps to detect and eliminate high risk email addresses.

In addition to real time scoring and reputation analysis, the IPQS email validation API includes a range of other features. For example, it can provide geo location information for the email. It can also check the age of the email. Another feature is the ability to perform batch lookups. A third feature is the ability to detect disposable email services.

IPQS can detect abusive and inactive phone numbers and a range of different email domains. These can include parked domains, disposable and temporary mail services, and honeypot emails. Some of these types of emails can have low or no value and are used by fraudsters. However IPQS email validation API, they can also be used by legitimate companies or individuals.

IPQS uses its proprietary algorithm to create a fraud score. This score is determined by the recent behaviors of an email address within the threat network. If the score is above a certain threshold, it indicates that something may be wrong with the email.

IPQS email validation can also determine whether the email address has a poor or high reputation. It can also provide details about the email domain, the IP address, and the carrier. IPQS has a range of custom pricing models to meet your needs.

The IPQS email validation API can be integrated with web pages and email platforms to help ensure that only valid emails are delivered. The company’s customer support branch can provide instructions on how to use the API. You can also contact them with any questions or issues you might have.

You can also get more details about the email address using the IPQS Transforms. These are included in the Standard Transform set. Once you have your API Key, you can make queries with the API. By using the Transforms, you can check the first and last name associated with an email address, the IP address of a specific domain, the line type, and the hostname of the domain. Using a standardised suffix such as ‘@’ can make it easier for you to perform these checks.

IPQS is a great tool to use if you’re in the business of delivering marketing messages to email recipients. The IPQS Email Validation API can verify the validity of every email in your list, boosting your deliverability rates.