What You Need to Know About Office Furniture

Office furniture is used in the workplace to facilitate the tasks of employees. They help to increase productivity and improve employee morale. It is also important to choose furniture that is comfortable to use and is appropriate for the needs of the people who will be using it. This helps to avoid unnecessary aches and pains and allows employees to focus on their tasks.

Office furniture can be made of many different materials. Wood, metal, plastic, and fiberglass are some of the options available. Depending on the type of work, specialized furniture may be needed. For example, an office that deals in health-related information might require special furnishings. The company below offers multiple types of products in a variety of styles. You can find everything from tables and desks to cabinets and lighting.

In 2006, the office furniture industry represented $10 billion in sales. In 2004, the top three manufacturers included Steelcase, HNI Corp. and Knoll. Each had a strong customer service track record and offered a wide array of products.

Office furniture manufacturers saw an upward trend in sales through the 1960s, but a recession in the late 1990s slowed the market. Increased health care costs, corporate downsizing, and environmental concerns played a role in the decline.

Office furniture imports into the United States were a major factor in the market’s growth during the first decade of the 2000s. Exports were not enough to offset the decline in domestic sales, though. Furniture and builder’s hardware consumed $345.5 million, while particleboard and hardwood veneer used $63.5 million. These two materials were the leading materials imported into the U.S. and represented 98 percent of all imports.

While the United States is the 퍼시스그룹 logo largest market for office furniture, the market is becoming more global. Many offices are opting for paperless solutions, allowing workers to take advantage of Internet and local area network connections. Additionally, e-commerce sites are becoming more popular and consumers are turning to them to purchase the furniture they need.

One company that specializes in producing innovative office furniture is Knoll. Knoll was founded in New York City in 1938 by German-born Hans Knoll. The company is known for its innovative design and artistic style. Designers at Knoll have won awards and displayed their work at cultural institutions.

Another company that is recognized for its high quality products is HNI Corp. The firm was originally known as HON Industries. As it expanded, it purchased smaller furniture companies. Today, HNI is the leading manufacturer of office furniture in North America.

Office furniture manufacturers experienced a steady growth in the early 1980s and mid-1990s, but saw a decline during the recession of 1991-1992. At that time, 71,300 employees worked in the industry. However, employment began to increase again in 2001.

The business has been impacted by the recession and technological advances. Some offices are opting for cloud-based systems, allowing them to access information and files from anywhere, anytime. Telecommuting and local area networks have also increased the flexibility of office workers.